Dreamworld Anti-allergenic

Anti – Allergenic’
High tech fabric and excellent comfort makes this a mattress for the 21st century.
Beds/Mattress size:
Antimicrobials are a growing area in the finishing of textiles. The control of bacteria, fungi and dust mites can be achieved using normal textile finishing processes to create a great value product.
Antimicrobials control the odours, discoloration, staining and degradation, which are the results of microbial
attack on textiles
Nothing fights bacteria like silver.
• Heavy gauge Bonnell spring,
• Layers of comfortable and supportive fibre fillings,
• Layers of comfortable and supportive polyester fillings,
• Integrated support fillings for comfort,
• High quality antimicrobial treated knit fabric,
• Traditional hand tufted finish,
• Stringent testing for maximum performance.
All products are engineered to meet the requirements of the demanding household environment.

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